We, Textileleaders Group, are a joint company which is Shanghai FL in China and Kageyama co. ltd in Japan together since 1998.


Kageyama co. ltd is one of the main fabrics whole sales Marketing company where has ability to design, produce, sales and marketing in Japan since 1968.


With a Special Woven design team, we attend some famous Europe fashion shows yearly basis and make a new design around 50-60 styles per month.


Total 5 special designers, 15 Marketing and Sales Specialist, and 5 Business support Team.




- With the professional Teams, the business grow up continuously every year not only Japan but also extending to all over the world and become one of the leader position in fabric providers.

- With Owner’s fundamental motto, Credit is already given; we serve the best quality and product for the customer satisfactions.

- With this fellow relationship between Kageyama and Shanghai FL bind us as a strong team and eventually established very special and professional Fabric provider.

- With all that make successful fabric business in Japan over 45 years.

Main Items are variety fabrics for Dress, Shirts, Casual Shirts, Pants and Skirts.


Shanghai FL was historically come from S. Korea since 2003 and it was established in S. Korea back in 1995 with Woven and garment sourcing Company with Strong R&D lab.

It made us total over 20 years a robust and trustable business all over the world as current position.

Since 2003 we, shanghai FL, established a main company in Shanghai, China and developed reliable and high quality china local mills where have a strong R&D team and can produce high quality items for Korea and Japan market.

For the Micro management of mills, our main China local mills are all located in Zhejiang and Jiangsu province nearby Shanghai so that we can manage and handle timely manner for customer satisfaction.

Along with China Mills, we also have several mills in Daegu , S. Korea so main products can be produced in 3 countries, S. Korea, China, and Japan.


Develop Very fascinated new designs by Japan and French Design Team

It is our basic and very fundamental roles and annual object which makes us design and develop the most cutting edge item by participating some famous fashion shows in Europe for our Design Team who are located at Tokyo in Japan as Kageyama.


Very Stable and Well Trained Mills work with a sourcing Team in Shanghai FL.

We already discovered and trained Variety China Local Mills.Most of them are located in Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province where are nearby Shanghai, because, we always want to have a micro Management for fast and effective way.Currently, we have made a good cooperation and relation for mills such as Cotton, Poly, Nylon, Tencel,  Wool, Linen item along with variety designs and skills for woven.


Very Experienced Korean/ Japanese Inspectors and Trainers.

We are not only a Trader but also taking a role as developer and designer for Fabrics.Always very proactively engage and manage all steps from A-Z so that the project can run and can be done smoothly without any problem by due date.


Triangle Working Model

As our Business model tells, we have 3 different locations such as China, Japan, and Korea. Each Branch has own roles and responsibilities and we have very high level of integration in this triangle Working Model.

Our integrated working model always makes us to competing with others as unbeatable specialty.